Preventive Maintenance


Keeping your car in tip-top shape includes but is not limited to changing your oil, transmission and power steering fluid, antifreeze/coolant, and your air filter - but, you say, "It costs too much money to do these services at the recommended intervals." - "Those shops are just trying to get my money and my car runs fine anyway." Right?


The Car Care Council ( says Americans spent an estimated 2 billion dollars last year due to vehicle neglect. If you think changing your oil at regular intervals (usually 3,000 miles) costs a lot - how about being stranded on the road, paying for a tow truck, and paying for a services at an out-of-town auto repair shop that you know nothing about?


We recommend getting your car serviced regularly to save big money on auto repair costs. Not to mention, automotive preventative maintenance can give you peace of mind.


We want your car to run smoothly for years to come. Come to our repair shop regularly to avoid costly problems. In the meantime, read through the following subcategories to learn why regular preventative maintenance at our facility is important for your car.


We also recommend regular maintenance for your tires and wheels including tires rotations, wheel balancing, wheel alignments, and proper tire inflation. Please look under tires and wheels for additional preventative maintenance information.


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